Artistic genres


Painting is obviuosly one of the oldest artistic genres in history. The first achievements of man were cave paintings. Each painter is associated with at least one art or pictorial movement.


Sculpture is an art consisting in creating works most often by carving blocks of stone, but there are also sculptures made of bronze and various other metals. Several techniques are used.


This art has taken a prominent place in the various human civilizations. Man has always been tempted to build buildings with the most technically and artistically complex forms and structures.


The strength of this art is its universality in addition to the abundance of genres throughout the world. There is a plethora of musical genres, each of which is associated with a region or even a country.

Art History and Contemporary Art

Art history is a discipline that is interested in art itself in an intrinsic way by studying the works, the artists, the artistic movements related to each art…given the specificity of each artistic discipline, it is necessary to distinguish the history of painting from that of music, sculpture…in order to list the works of art, the artistic movements and their appearances, the chronological parameter is often the most used. We can thus distinguish classical art, modern art (1850-1945) and finally contemporary art. The latter encompasses all works of art created after 1945, taken as the reference year, and up to these days.

Selling art: artworks, buyers and types of distribution

The art market is in constant turmoil, with buyers and art collectors taking part in endless auctions to buy various works (paintings, sculptures, etc.). The good thing is that any work of art’s value can easily be appraised, sometimes for free, for instance, √† la Mr Expert, thus helping you avoid potential fraudulent behaviour from buyers and sellers alike…

Art collectors

Collectors are most often wealthy people who are passionate about art disciplines such as painting. Their passion drives them to participate in auctions to purchase works to complete collections inherent to a particular artist.

Auction sale

An art auction is an event organized by an auction house. The main goal is to put several buyers in competition in order to get the best prices for works of art. The bidding system ends the moment no buyer gives any additional price proposal.

Antique, luxurious vintage…

Works sold in the art market are listed not only according to the artistic genre to which they belong but also by the period of their production. Antiques are works that date back to antiquity or that are very old (more than 100 years old), vintage works…

Works of art’s appraisal

To appraise a painting, many online platforms present themselves as reliable appraisal firms. Usually, thanks to their years of experience, they have earned the trust of various clients. Ethics and assurance are usually their slogans.

Artistic evolution and new art forms

The artistic movements chronology attests that art is in perpetual evolution. In recent years, new art forms have appeared such as street art (or urban art) and graffiti is one of them, find out more details on

Art exhibitions

Classical art galleries

They are specially designed spaces for exhibiting works of art and hosting both temporary and permanent exhibitions. We distinguish public art galleries from private ones where visitors have the opportunity to purchase works (paintings, photographs…).

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Online art galleries

The availability of the Internet has impacted several areas and in particular that of the art market. We are increasingly witnessing the appearance of new processes for exhibiting and selling artworks, particularly online galleries. Buyers are now able to choose works and pay for them online.

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Museums are among the places where you can see and appreciate works of art on display to the general public. They can display al kind of art works, classical, modern, and contemporary. There are even museums dedicated solely to the exhibition of works by a particular artist.

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