How to have a work of art appraised on the internet?

Published on : 11 February 20213 min reading time

To sell a work of art in the best conditions, it is essential to have it appraised by an expert. However, the fees of the latter imply a certain budget, which is why it is advisable to make an estimate on the Internet before any decision is made. Find out how to carry out your project.

Why opt for an online estimate?

Before selling a painting, a sculpture, or any other art object, it is essential to make an estimate of its real value. An essential step in determining the price of the work, this expertise must be carried out by an auctioneer or an art specialist. As this is a service that has a cost, the ideal would be to make a first free online estimate to know its authenticity before proceeding to a paid estimate.

In addition to saving you money, this solution will also save you an unnecessary expense in the event that the work is not authentic. Fast and practical, this online evaluation is done within 48 hours. This service does not require any commitment on your part, but it remains confidential as long as you use the help of experts such as Mister Expert.

How does the appraisal of the work take place?

Estimating the value of a work of art generally consists in identifying its origin and then verifying its authenticity (especially if it is an antique object). At the end of the analysis, the specialist can provide a numerical value of the work for sale based on its provenance, technique, and date of completion of the artist’s quotation. The estimate can be done in your office or in your home.

For an online evaluation, you will just have to fill out a form on a dedicated site and send a few photos of the object. The experts as online appraisal will then send you the result of the analysis by email and with a price range. Some platforms can even offer you a buy-back service, which makes your job much easier.

How to find the ideal appraisal platform?

By doing a quick search on search engines, you will find a multitude of platforms dedicated to online artwork estimation. To make sure of their reliability, check the legal mentions, the publisher, the security, or the reputation of the site in question. Consult specialized forums and portals to find out what other people think, but also to avoid errors.

You can also go to an online art gallery to find a reputable site. The web pages of auctioneers, auction houses, and specialists such as online appraisal can also help you in your search.

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