What do we call a precious jewel?

The Copper Age is the era that marked the birth of the idea of "jewel", it is only after a few centuries that the idea of "precious jewelry" surfaced. In a society, where the concept of social rank is still at the forefront, the mere wearing of jewelry can say a lot about a person's social class. Also, many people use jewelry for purely economic purposes. Investing in precious jewelry is common because it increases in value with age. Nevertheless, for a piece of jewelry to qualify as precious, it must meet the following conditions.

Whether the jewelry is made from precious metals or other materials

It is indisputable that a piece of jewelry and especially "valuable" must, at least, be made from precious metals (rhodium, gold, silver, scandium, etc.). In the past, gold was the first material, so much advocated, on the stock market. Nowadays, rhodium is the rarest metallic material. In fact, one of the most expensive jewels in the world is made only from rhodium. However, gold and rhodium are not the only ones that are considered "precious" in the jewelry world. White gold, silver, platinum, etc. are also precious metals. So drop by a free jewelry appraisal if you want to know more about your metal jewelry (visit mr-expert.com for a little more information).

Whether the jewelry is made from precious stone

For the pleasure of the eyes, stones began to be incorporated into the ornaments. However, not all stones deserve the title of "precious". At the top of the list, the diamond enjoys this and that for centuries. Indeed, the most expensive jewel in the world is a diamond necklace called "the incomparable". But, other stones benefit from this title like ruby, emerald, and sapphire. So, if you think you own one or more jewels with stones (which are strange to you), don't hesitate to go to a free jewelry appraisal to be sure.

Whether the jewel is old

However, if your jewelry is several generations old, immediately consult a free jewelry appraisal. Why say that an old jewel can be valuable? Indeed, the history that a jewelry piece carries can be much more important than the materials from which it was made. Yes, if you own an antique jewel, whether it is made of copper, it will be more valuable than any diamond or rhodium jewel.

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