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Is there a difference between art and fine art?

If you are pursuing a course in arts, you might have come across many new terms that might sometimes be confusing. Perhaps you wonder what makes an impressionist art gallery different from a regular art gallery. Or, you can’t seem…

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Those painters who marked the 20th century

Concerning the painting, a lot of turning points have taken place since then. In this very precise time, new techniques were born. This has considerably improved the painting in its new aspect. Several artists have been able to integrate their…

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The greatest sculptors who have marked the History of Art

Sculpture is part of the different works of art. Museums are establishments that exhibit this kind of thing so that all art lovers can admire them. Many people have played a role in making sculpture one of the arts you…

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The greatest designers of the 20th and 21st centuries

Designers are running in every street. There are people who know how to do the job without being famous designers. But how do you know a person is a great designer? A lot of things have marked the world of…

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