Is there a difference between art and fine art?

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Published on : 23 September 20213 min reading time

If you are pursuing a course in arts, you might have come across many new terms that might sometimes be confusing. Perhaps you wonder what makes an impressionist art gallery different from a regular art gallery. Or, you can’t seem to understand various painting techniques employed by some well-renowned artists.

However, one of the most common confusions that millions of art enthusiasts face is the difference between what counts as art and what counts as fine art. If you have read a little history about art, you must have realised that the difference between fine art and art has always existed. However, the most recent distinctions between the two have made it easier for anybody to understand them.

But before we get into the difference between art and fine art, let’s look at some definitions.

What is Art?

There is no specific way of defining the term art. However, the most common idea behind art defines it as a way for humans to express their creativity and technical skills. Art gives people an opportunity to express themselves and create visual, auditory & performed artefacts out of nothing.

The most common forms of art in the market today are sculptures, visual media and painting, which includes modern masters paintings and contemporary painting. You may also categorise architecture as visual art as it involves creating an object with the considerations of practicality.

What is Fine Art?

Do you constantly wonder what ‘fine art’ is?

Fine art is defined as a form of art that focuses more on the visual aspect of things rather than encompassing the entire arts domain. This approach to art came to be in the early 19th century, as more artists started using art to express themselves rather than as a tool or method of recording cultural and historical events.

Initially, people used the term ‘fine art’ to draw a line between artists who solely used art for creative expression and those who created art with practicality in mind. As many artists create fine art primarily for aesthetics and the desire for artistic expression, they are the kind of art for sale you will find in the market today.

Difference between Art and Fine Art

Although there is no acceptable margin between art and fine art, a few differences set the two apart.

  • Category – One of the primary differences that sets art and fine art apart is that art is a general form while fine arts is a subcategory of arts as a whole.
  • Purpose – Another difference between fine art and art is in terms of their purpose. Art is inspired by an artist’s perception of an object, while fine art is inspired by an artist’s desire to create an aesthetically pleasing object.
  • Audience – Art is a piece designed to move an observer. However, fine art does the same, but in a way that doesn’t dictate the direction the observer should take. It allows observers to feel as though they are in sync with the artist and their intentions when creating the particular piece.

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