Those painters who marked the 20th century

Concerning the painting, a lot of turning points have taken place since then. In this very precise time, new techniques were born. This has considerably improved the painting in its new aspect. Several artists have been able to integrate their know-how into the art world in the 20th century. To know more, it is essential to know the necessary information for this. Paul C├ęzanne : He is one of those artists who knew how to take their place in the 20th century. His works can be admired in today's museums. His working method is mostly to work with strokes or lines that will then form geometric shapes to become canvases in a beautiful collection. In his work it is possible to see colors that are characterized by his techniques. This translates into the use of color destructuring in his paintings. The works of this artist that have been able to mark time are very numerous. In the world of painting, he is the one who started and who transformed art into modern art. The works that he did in painting do not focus essentially on one thing. He has been able to implement different kinds of images, whether they are landscapes or something else. Alberto Giacometti : He is a painter and sculptor whose works brought their considerable touches to 20th century painting. He is a person who has shown great importance for surrealism in the painting he created. He has received awards for his honourable work both in painting and sculpture. He is a painter who got his place in art especially for the beautiful portraits he made during his life. His entire collection shows the famous talent he was able to perfect during his life. Francis bacon : He is an artist who devoted most of his time to painting. Throughout his life, he brought perfection to his works. His works have adorned many exhibitions in different galleries around the world. For his painting, he knew how to vary the techniques and materials he used. From engraving to lithography, all means are always good to know. Bacon is one of the painters who had their great moment for portraits. And he is among those who are most famous for this kind of style.
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